Top Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan



This is the most widely used brand in Pakistan.This brand also has a nice reputation  for hair colors.This brand has a variety of products including hair colors,fairness creams,body lotions,hair oil etc.Their products do show positive effects.



L’Oreal is a french beauty company situated in Paris.They are the producers of hair care products,hair color,skin care and cosmetics.L’Oreal products are used in Pakistan.This brand also gives beauty tips and tricks.



Oriflame is also famous for its products just like other beauty brands.Oriflame is the only company which provides different investments opportunities to their users.They have also launched their referrals programs through which their users have a chance to earn money by referring others to this company.



Dove is mainly famous for soaps and hair products but they are also successful in making their name big in the market.Dove hair products are usually recommended by the doctors.



Maybelline has a very good reputation of its makeup and cosmetics.Maybelline mascara is of great quality and very much used in Pakistan.


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